Daniel Martin

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At only 27 years of age 

Daniel Martin has become one of the go to guitarists in the UK, mixing his Rock 'N' Roll and country music influences, he has been first call for many of the genres leading performers 

Here's a list of artists Daniel has performed live or recorded with 

Bruce Welch's Shadows

Dave Berry 

Mike Berry 

Lisa McHugh

Nathan Carter

Larry Gatlin  

Mo Pitney 

Foster and Allen 

Cliona Hagan

Linda Gail Lewis

Joni Harms

Ray Lynam

Derek Ryan 

Max T Barnes 

Malachi Cush (Fame Academy)

Johnny Brady 

Kinsey Rose 

Jerry Kilgore

Tony Crane (The Merseybeats)

George Borowski 

Philomena Begley 

Robert Mizzell 

Jimmy Buckley 

Mary Duff 

Jake Carter 

Patrick Feeney 

Declan Nerney 

Hugo Duncan 

Nigel Connell (The Voice Ireland)

Kayleigh Cullinan (The Voice Ireland)

Brian 'Licorice' Locking 

Gary Perkins 

Louise Morrisey 

Gerry Guthrie 

Simon Casey 

Crystal Swing 

Gary Gamble 

The Local Heroes

Clem Cattini 

Owen Mac

Sandy Kelly